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Hanoi Flower Delivery

Thảo luận trong 'Điện Hoa' bắt đầu bởi dienhoathanglong, 8/10/15.

  1. dienhoathanglong Đang tìm hiểu các loài hoa

    dienhoathanglong Đang tìm hiểu các loài hoa

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    Thiết kế hoa tươi
    Nơi ở:
    504 Trần Khát Chân, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Hanoi Flower Delivery is avaiable anywhere in Vietnam. We offer fresh flowers with hand delivery service. Find something special for someone special and have it delivered today. Browse our extensive online selections for bouquets, baskets, birthday cakes, teddy bears, fruit baskets and other gifts. When you find a perfect gift, you can easily order online or call us directly. Beautiful flowers are delivered to friends and families in Hanoi or across the country.


    Hanoi Flower Delivery and throughout Vietnam – hand delivered by local florist. You are sure to find something for your loved ones. All our flowers have been exclusively designed and arranged by our designers for you for any occations. Whatever you choose you are sure to find something for your loved one to celebrate their birthday, anniversary, graduation, new born baby christmas, new year or whaever. We also offer sympathy and funeral flowers as well to help you show them how much you care.

    Hanoi Flower Delivery is an online company with quality flowers for any occasions. We have a wonderful variety of fresh flowers and plants including roses, orchids, tulips, carnations, lilies and more. We also offer delicious gift basket of fresh fruits, tasty chocolates, candies and cakes.


    As a top florist in Hanoi, our flowers are always delivered on time and get good feedback from the recievers. Each bouquet of flowers is carefully arranged and delivered to your recipient, so they are always guaranteed fresh and beautiful everytime.

    Hanoi Flowers and Gifts Ltd.,

    Add: 504 Tran Khat Chan str., Hanoi, Vietnam

    Tel: (+84)4 39765559/ 39765560 . Fax: (+84)4 39765561

    Phone: (+84) 973535559 (English)

    Website: http://hanoiflowershop.com Email: sales@hanoiflowershop.com
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    thuynguyen251 Chưa biết gì về hoa

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