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Saigon Flowers

Thảo luận trong 'Điện Hoa' bắt đầu bởi dienhoathanglong, 17/6/15.

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    dienhoathanglong Đang tìm hiểu các loài hoa

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    Thiết kế hoa tươi
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    504 Trần Khát Chân, Hanoi, Vietnam
    Saigon Flowers

    Flowers bring special sentiments to one’s life occasions, elegance to a wedding; sympathy to a funeral; tenderness to an anniverysary celeration. While it is true that we sell flowers, our real business is that of helping people express their feelings. Wherever you are in life, it’s our commitment to make your occasion exceptional and unique for you. Saigon flowers bring a large collection of these beautiful gifts for your to have great alternatives while selecting floral gifts for your dear and beloved ones.


    At Saigon flowers shop, all floral arrangement are designed and created by professinal floral designers and are delivered by local shops who share our commitment to providing you with the best flowers available with prompt delivery and swift resolution to customer inquiries.

    If you want to send flowers to Saigon, Saigon flowers guarantees and ensures your complete satisfaction on our products and service. Since 2002, we have worked hard to become the best online florist shop in the Vietnamese floral industry and we continue to add new services, new floral designers and products and to improve our network of qualified local florists.


    Saigon flowers truly appreciates our loyal customers and extends our heartfelt thanks for all their support over the last 13 years. We also welcome our newcustomers and invite you to explore our site. Please browse through our online florist catalogue to select the bouquet or arrangement of your choice. We hope you will give us the opportunity to be of service now and in the future.

    We thanks for your visitting our site and choosing Saigon flowers for all your floral and gifting need.

    Saigon Flowers – Saigon Flower Shop
    Head Office: 251 Nguyen Trong Tuyen Street, HoChiMinh city, Vietnam;

    Tel: +84 973535 559 (Outside Vietnam) or 097 3535 559 (Inside Vietnam)
    Email: saigonflowershopvn@gmail.com

    Website: http://saigonflowershop.vn
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